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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Regular eye checks are essential not only to maintain good vision, but to look after the health of your eyes.

We provide comprehensive eye exams to all ages. We also provide retinal imaging service, visual field testing and diabetic eye exams.

Our therapeutically endorsed optometrist is able to treat eye infections and allergies.

Ring today to book your bulk billed exam.

Contact Lens Consultations

Whether you're a veteran wearer or looking at trying out contacts for the first time, we can help. Pop in today to see our optometrist  about finding the perfect lens for you. We take pride in spending time with our lens wearers to make sure that you have all the tools required to get the best out of your contact lenses.

Dry Eye Workup & Managment

Sick of those tired, gritty, stinging eyes? Come in and see our therapeutically endorsed optometrist for a full dry eye workup. 

There are many types and causes of dry eye, at Eyewear Specs we are equipped to make a diagnosis and create you a customized management plan.

Book in to treat your eyes to their own spa treatment.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

Our state of the art OCT and retinal photographer assists our optometrist in detecting eye diseases and conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Community Eye Testing

At Eyewear Specs we are passionate about the health of our community. We regularly conduct school screenings, nursing home and community testing days throughout Central West NSW.

If you are interested in having us visit, give us a call today!

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